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💰 Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

03.11.2019 0 Comments

💰 Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts


Useful tips.

11.11 2019 – the most powerful sale of the year on Aliexpress and other well-known Chinese trading floors. How to profit from it really big discounts? There are several ways that will allow you to get the most profit and buy the right products at the lowest prices. They talked about them in this article.


Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

Why is 11.11?

Why is November 11 the main sale of the year on AliExpress? A small digression into history.

November 11, China celebrates a modern holiday with the talking name Bachelor’s Day. He came into fashion in the mid-90s. At the same time, Chinese shopping centers began to coincide with their sales for the holiday, trying to attract as many buyers as possible. And it worked.

November 11 is the only day of the year in which there are four digits at once. The Chinese, who love magic of numbers, began to make record spending year after year as part of the 11.11 sale.

In 2009, Alibaba Holding, which owns the trading floors of AliExpress, Tmall and others, first launched a sale on the Internet for a bachelor’s day. Demand was unheard of. No wonder sale 11.11 became annual.

With the popularization of the AliExpress site, the sale of 11.11 reached Russia. And despite the fact that Bachelor’s Day is not celebrated here, AliExpress offers discounts for Russians no less than in China.

When will the sale begin 11.11

The preliminary stage of the sale of 11.11 2019 at Aliexpress has already begun. It will be held until November 11, when at 11:00 Moscow time the main sale of the year will be launched. It will take place exactly two days, until 11:00 Moscow time on November 13.

How to catch discounts

Peak sales for Bachelor's Day will happen directly on November 11th. However, the sale itself starts much earlier. In fact, it has already begun and the most active buyers are reaping the full benefits of it. Below are five ways to properly prepare and catch the best deals.

1. Fill the basket right now

There are two important reasons to fill the basket with goods of interest right now. Firstly, not all products are enough for the sale. This is definitely verified. Real sales hits, like current Xiaomi smartphones, will be sold out on November 11th. Just stop by and buy a smartphone at a discount of 40-50% is unlikely to succeed, because the priority of the purchase will be given to those who previously added the smartphone to the basket.

And secondly, this year AliExpress charges coins for adding goods to the cart. They can be spent on additional coupons and discounts. Moreover, some goods for coins will be available for free.

Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

This practice is not new to AliExpress. We are sure that you saw in some reviews on AliExpress the mark "the goods were received for free." All thanks to such promotions.

It is noteworthy that for the coins it will turn out to take not only some small things, but also quite adequate goods. Last year, on sale 11.11, wireless headphones, external batteries and other gadgets were handed out for such bonus coins.

Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

An example of a sale discount 11.11. The smartphone must definitely be added to the basket now, on the day of the sale it will be immediately taken apart

In other words, this year filling the basket in advance is doubly profitable. But what to fill with? We recommend that you start viewing discounted sale items from its homepage. Moreover, this page is better to immediately bookmark, as it will be updated every day with fresh offers.

It remains only to go once a day, see if the goods you are interested in have added and if you want to throw them into the basket, thereby receiving the coveted coins.

In short? Search for interesting discounted products right now and add them to your cart. This will not only allow you to buy goods without problems on November 11, but will also give special coins. They can be exchanged for coupons or discounts.

2. Collect coupons

Coupons are the key to gigantic savings on any AliExpress sale. And even more so at the sale of 11.11. No joke, AliExpress will give out coupons for 300 million dollars.

Especially for collecting coupons in the online store appeared "Coupon Center". It also needs to be entered every day. Do not worry, not for long. Every 24 hours, AliExpress users have the opportunity to pick up a few coupons of varying value. You need to go to the page, click "Pick up coupon" and return only after a day. Nothing complicated.

Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

If you are a "discount hunter", then in the "Coupon Center" you can spend much more time. The fact is that several times a day on AliExpress there will be a distribution of coupons for really large amounts. They will get the most active, who can save more than others.

In short? Visit the Coupon Center every day and collect coupons. You can exchange them for additional discounts.

3. Collect seller coupons

More about coupons, also an important point. For the sale, AliExpress launched not only its coupons, but also allowed sellers to offer customers their own coupons that can be spent in their stores. These coupons need to be collected, since with them the benefit will be maximized.

Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

You can collect special coupons from sellers all in the same “Coupon Center”. Doing this is actually convenient. The page shows specific products for which you can get coupons. You can not add to yourself all the coupons in a row, but select those that may come in handy.

In short? In the "Coupon Center" there are many coupons from sellers for large amounts. Collect interesting ones – they will save a lot.

4. Play games in the mobile application

More benefits, as always, in the AliExpress mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. First of all, update the application to the latest version. Only in this way will all the promotions that AliExpress offers as part of the 11.11 sale appear in it.

After that, it will remain to regularly go into the application and play various mini-games. They are incredibly simple and require no effort. However, coupons are given for them, and sometimes for very large amounts.

In short? As usual, AliExpress is actively promoting its mobile application. There are various mini-games available for which additional coupons or coins are given. We also advise you not to miss.

5. Visit brand stores

Very useful advice for anyone who wants to really save a lot. It will allow you not to fall for the bait of negligent sellers, specially inflating prices before sales. Give preference to stores of famous brands. Such people greatly value their reputation and do not make fake discounts. In large stores on AliExpress, the best chance of running into a big honest discount.

Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

Pay attention to the stores of the brands Xiaomi, Redmi, Baseus, ROCK, olaf, Hong Kong Goldway and others from among the most popular. Browse through their great deals, and only then move on to small sellers. If similar products come across, then you will definitely be sure that large stores almost never drop to fake discounts.

In short? Start by exploring discounts at leading brand stores. In most cases, they have real discounts without a divorce.

Enjoy the shopping!

Earlier, we talked about Life Facts on Aliexpress, which help greatly save and calculate fake discounts. Read will greatly help on the upcoming sale.

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AliExpress 11.11 2019 AliExpress 11.11 2019


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