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10 gorgeous things with AliExpress. Hits of this summer

02.07.2020 0 Comments

10 gorgeous things with AliExpress. Hits of this summer


Checked! You can take it.

AliExpress is full of low-quality products, but there are some great things you can buy for ridiculous money. 10 popular products from AliExpress were selected in a fresh selection: there are top-end iPhone cases, a cool magnetic cable for charging smartphones, a cheaper Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and other great things.


Magnetic cable for fast charging smartphone

Price: from 110 rubles.

Convenient cable for fast charging smartphone. The main feature of the cable is a magnetic connector, which ensures durability. Due to the fact that the connector is magnetized to the smartphone connector, the cable is almost impossible to break in the most vulnerable place (near the connector). The cable comes with any popular connectors: Lightning, USB-C or micro-USB.

IPhone case with holder

Price: from 120 rubles.

Super popular iPhone cases, which became a real hit in the summer of 2020. Cases are available for all iPhone models, from the old iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, to the latest iPhone 11/11 Pro and iPhone SE 2nd generation. Covers have a variety of spectacular prints and a convenient holder.


Price: 290 rubles.

Bright sunglasses from the popular Quisviker brand. Glasses look very stylish, are lightweight and comfortable for daily wear.

UV lamp against mosquitoes

Price: 640 rubles.

Proven UV lamp against mosquitoes. A small fan is installed in the device, which collects affected mosquitoes, thereby depriving the user of the need to constantly clean near the lamp. A must-have for anyone who has already got mosquitoes.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Bracelet

Price: 2 270 rubles.

The latest Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet is already on sale at an impressive discount. Compared with the previous model, the gadget has an enlarged screen, more features for tracking human activity and convenient magnetic charging. The latter feature distinguishes the Mi Band 5 from all Xiaomi fitness bracelets.

Waterproof case for smartphones

Price: 120 rubles.

Universal waterproof case for smartphones. It is necessary to place a mobile device in it and close it tightly. After that, the smartphone in the case can be safely placed in water – the liquid will not get inside.

Air purifier

Price: 1 750 rubles.

A high-quality air purifier that quickly and reliably removes odors. It is best to use the gadget in cabinets, where the device will effectively cope with unnecessary odors.

Copyrighted iPhone Cases

Price: 140 rubles.

Beautiful cases for all iPhone models. Original texture prints depicting paintings by great artists are applied to the covers.

Wireless headphones

Price: 1 200 rubles.

Popular wireless headphones from Haylou. The headphones come with a proprietary charging case, which, by analogy with the case from AirPods, allows you to charge them several times in a row. Headphones work for up to 10 hours without recharging, have protection against water according to the IPX5 standard and a convenient touch button control system. Including for calling voice assistants.

Xiaomi smart lamp

Price: 3,000 rubles.

Chic “smart” lamp from Xiaomi. The lamp is configured in a special application, lighting the room depending on your mood. Its working hours can be adjusted by creating work scenarios for different days.

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