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10 viral photos that are actually fake (and this is sad)

24.03.2020 0 Comments

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<p>But many believed in their reality.</p> 

<p>Viral photos and videos are constantly appearing on the Internet that are viewed by millions of people around the world. And a considerable part of this viral content is fake. We collected 10 such viral photos, the reality of which it is time to stop believing (there is evidence).</p>
<h2>1. Cat with a mustache and eyebrows</h2>
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They love cats on the Internet, so it is not surprising that this photo of a cat with a luxurious mustache and eyebrows has become viral. In fact, the cat only has a chic mustache. But this was not enough for the masters of Photoshop, and they drew his eyebrows. Yes, those that would impress Brezhnev himself.

2. The magic castle rock

Photo of the rock-castle, widespread on the Internet, alas, fake. The image is a combination of cliffs from Thailand and a castle in Germany.

3. Frozen Venice

A few years ago, a powerful wave of news about sharp climate changes on the planet took place on the Internet. It was then that this photo of frozen Venice appeared. In reality, it's all photoshop. By the way, this picturesque ice was taken from our Lake Baikal.

4. The black lion

A photo of a black lion circled all the public, at least slightly related to animals. However, after only a few of them admitted that they published an obvious fake. Yes, this is Photoshop: such a lion does not exist.

5. Moon on the Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel

The world-famous hotel-sail Burj al-Arab in the United Arab Emirates was often on the sights of the masters of the digital pen. The above photo was especially viral – people were delighted with how perfectly the moon went sailing. Reality is a little more prosaic. However, the real picture looks impressive and without processing.

6. Shuttle in the clouds

The epic snapshot of the space shuttle in the clouds is an obvious fake, which, however, many believed. The original is much more down to earth, but also very impressive.

7. Giant skeleton

The Internet is full of photographed images with archaeological finds. No wonder publics on social networks love to throw people any kind of supernatural game. This "young man" gained great popularity. A huge skeleton circled the entire Internet, forcing the most gullible to believe in their existence.

8. Einstein on the background of the explosion

Everyone knows that tough guys don't look at explosions. Einstein was one of the coolest guys in history, but against the backdrop of this explosion, genius never happened. The second shot was taken eight years after Einstein’s death.

9. Turtle Mountain

Oh, if this mountain existed, to look at it live would be incredibly exciting. In reality, this mountain is the work of an unknown Photoshop master who crafted Mount Pilot in North Carolina, USA.

10. The bear pursues photographers

One of the most famous photos of the collection, which many have seen, and this is now about the photographed version. With the bear in the background, the picture shows tension, fear, screams “Run ######!”. However, there was no bear at that moment. This is a stock photo of a bear that is easily google.

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