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15 cool pieces with AliExpress at a very competitive price

12.10.2019 0 Comments

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<p>Bluetooth gloves for calls and much more!</p> 

<p>A fresh selection of great products with Aliexpress at decently discounted prices! In this issue: the best external battery from Xiaomi at the lowest price, two pairs of really high-quality wireless headphones, Bluetooth gloves with the ability to make calls and other cool things.</p>
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1. Tripod for smartphone and camera

Price: 113 rubles.

Proven octopus tripod for smartphone or camera. The tripod has three legs that can be bent in different directions. Thanks to this, the tripod, together with a smartphone or even a camera, can be mounted on various unusual surfaces. For example, right on a tree. This allows you to take original shots.

2. External battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

Price: 1140 rubles.

One of Xiaomi's best portable batteries this week is being sold at a greatly reduced price. Powerbank has a thin aluminum case, perfect assembly, two connectors for charging two devices at the same time and a separate port for its own charging. Battery capacity 10000 mAh.

3. Baseus iPhone Cable

Price: from 130 rubles.

Durable Lightning cable from a well-known manufacturer Baseus. Using a cable, you can charge any iPhone without speed limits and connect your smartphone to a computer. When connecting to iTunes, no errors are displayed, including in iOS 13.

4. Baseus Wireless Headphones

Price: 940 rubles.

15 cool pieces with AliExpress at a very competitive price

This week, Baseus’s store on AliExpress is on sale, so we’ll mention another manufacturer’s product. The traditionally designed bluetooth headphones have great rich sound. According to customer reviews, for such a price the sound is really surprising, since it can hardly be distinguished from the sound of inexpensive JBL models. Headphone operating time without recharging in music playback mode up to 8 hours.

5. Adapter for charging a smartphone in a car

Price: 132 rubles.

High-quality charging adapter for the smartphone in the car. The adapter is sturdy, equipped with two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices and a small LED display. It displays the generator voltage in volts. By the way, this indicator will help determine when to charge the battery. Additional benefit.

6. Wavefun Wireless Headphones

Price: 1270 rubles.

Another wireless headphones, now from the manufacturer Wavefun. This model is more focused on sports. They have a comfortable silicone earhook, working hours of up to 9 hours and great clear sound. Also on the case of one of the headphones there is a button with which you can call Siri's voice assistant on the iPhone. Integration with iPhone works without problems and hesitation.

7. Backlight with motion sensor

Price: from 440 rubles.

LED strip with integrated motion sensor. The tape can be attached to the floor or wall in the cabinet for lighting. For example, go to the toilet at night, and in the corridor the backlight on the floor automatically turns on. This tape recorded your movement and turned on the light. Customers also use tape in their cabinets to light up.

8. Unusual handmade garlands

Price: 614 rubles.

So far it does not seem so, but the New Year is coming very soon. If you order something from AliExpress for the winter holiday, then it is generally literally on the nose. After all, delivery sometimes takes a month. Therefore, right now you can order garlands and other decorations. On AliExpress there are really interesting and original options that you simply can’t find in our stores. For example, these are handmade garlands. They look very cool.

9. New Year pillowcases for pillows

Price: from 120 rubles.

You can also buy holiday pillowcases for pillows to further decorate the house. Pillowcases have a size of 45 × 45 cm. They are made of 40% linen, 30% cotton and 30% polyester. Of course, not 100% cotton, but the price is nice.

10. Heated covers in the car

Price: 662 rubles.

Heated seat covers for car seats. Covers are universal, suitable for any car. Powered by a cigarette lighter. The power cable is sealed so it won’t break easily. There is a control panel on the cable, which makes it possible to flexibly control the heating.

11. Backlight for the toilet

Price: 233 rubles.

Updated backlight for the toilet. Mounted under the rim and highlights the toilet in one of 8 colors. A motion indicator is built into the backlight. Thanks to this, the backlight is automatically activated as soon as it detects movement next to it. You no longer have to turn on a bright light if you suddenly woke up at night.

12. Waterproof smartphone case

Price: 92 rubles.

Universal case for smartphones with water protection. The cover fits any smartphone with a diagonal of up to 6.5 inches. Further, using special fasteners, the device is hermetically closed in a case. After that, he is not afraid of getting into the water, even to a depth of 20 meters. In this case, the smartphone can be used directly in the case. The sensor works through the film.

13. Backlight to enhance photo on smartphone

Price: 78 rubles.

Want to greatly improve the quality of photos on your smartphone, including selfies? Use the special backlight that is mounted on the smartphone case. Its essence is simple – it gently illuminates the subject with scattered light. Due to this, the detail of images increases significantly.

14. Bluetooth gloves-headset

Price: 410 rubles.

Unusual Bluetooth gloves with a built-in earpiece and microphone. Yes, you can talk on the phone with a person by raising your hand with a “telephone” gesture to your ear. It will look wild, but this is the trick! In addition, with gloves you can freely control your smartphone.

15. Winter mask

Price: 74 rubles.

A mask for any winter activity. It warms the neck and face, but has slots for breathing, so the mask is really comfortable. A cool purchase for skiers, snowboarders, airsoft fans and people with other winter sports.

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