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15 gorgeous items from AliExpress. Lamp from the future

14.06.2020 0 Comments

15 gorgeous items from AliExpress. Lamp from the future


Selected the best!

A fresh selection of useful items from AliExpress at well-discounted prices. This time, they selected goods that fell in price before the upcoming summer sale, which will be held on AliExpress. In this selection: simple solutions for a comfortable summer, the proven and inexpensive set-top box Smart TV, a quality designer based on the popular Overwatch game and other cool products.


1. Xiaomi sunglasses

Price: 1,140 rubles (25% off).

One of the top sellers on AliExpress is sunglasses. However, the vast majority of them are of extremely low quality. At the nearest gas station, you can often buy better, while giving 200-300 rubles and not expecting delivery. Glasses from Xiaomi, or rather, its brand Youpin, which specializes in products for life, is another matter. These glasses are made of high-quality plastic, have a stylish modern design, and most importantly – they have real polarized lenses.

2. Action Camera Drift Ghost X

Price: 5 765 rubles (42% discount).

Action cameras from GoPro and Sony are leading the market, but for a long time they are not the only high-quality ones. Chinese brands are actively catching up, producing excellent cameras at low prices. Of the recent significantly cheaper new products, the Drift Ghost X action camera should be noted. Despite its dimensions (43 × 82 × 31 mm), it shoots with a resolution of 1080p, has an excellent stabilization system and works up to five hours without recharging thanks to a 2000 mAh battery .

3. Protective mask with print

Price: 102 rubles (50% discount).

If you are tired of the usual protective masks, then standing out from the crowd is easy. These masks with various fun prints are sold on AliExpress, which will definitely help make the process of wearing the mask itself, much more obligatory in our time, more fun.

4. Xiaomi adhesive hooks

Price: 93 rubles (20% discount).

For fans of everything minimalistic – sticky wall hooks from the Mijia brand owned by Xiaomi. Hooks can be broadcast anywhere, even in the kitchen, even in the bathroom, even in the hallway and used for clothes. The hooks are durable and can withstand up to three kilograms.

5. Handheld Garment Steamer Zanjia

Price: 2 244 rubles (30% discount).

Compact manual garment steamer from the Zanjia brand. An excellent model, which differs from its analogues in light weight and two modes of operation. The steamer, of course, will not become a full replacement for the iron, but it will help to quickly iron the folds on the clothes before leaving.

6. Ergonomic insoles of Xiaomi Memory Pad

Price: 267 rubles (25% discount).

Padded insoles with the telling name Memory Pad. They adapt to a specific person, remembering the shape of his feet. After a few days, the insoles fully adapt to the feet and begin to have a pain-relieving effect. A great purchase for everyone who has to spend a lot of time on their feet at work.

7. Xiaomi face mask

Price: 482 rubles (24% discount).

A cool protective mask from Xiaomi. The mask looks stylish, has an original design against other masks and perfectly protects against bacteria and dust. According to official specifications, the built-in filter provides a filtration efficiency of more than 97%.

8. Case for smartphone on the handlebars of the bike Wildman

Price: 768 rubles (65% discount).

Extremely useful product for motorists. A bag-case for a smartphone is mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle, after which a gadget is placed in a special compartment on it. The smartphone is confidently mounted in the case and does not fall out even with strong shaking. The case is even suitable for smartphones with large displays with displays greater than 6.5 inches.

9. UV lamp against mosquitoes Transtego

Price: 680 rubles (48% discount).

An effective solution against mosquitoes that do not allow you to calmly enjoy the summer. A UV lamp attracts bloodsuckers and mercilessly destroys them. At the same time, the lamp does not make any sounds, so it can be turned on without problems at night.

10. Xiaomi Umbrella

Price: 1,158 rubles (59% discount).

Stylish and durable umbrella from the Xiaomi Mijia brand. The main feature of the umbrella (in addition to design) is the custom-made Fonewr water-repellent fabric. Thanks to her, the umbrella does not need to be dried for a long time. Shake the umbrella slightly enough after rain. As a result of this, all the drops collected on it will instantly be on the ground.

11. Cover for a bicycle or scooter

Price: 445 rubles (25% discount).

And another useful product for active cyclists, as well as owners of scooters and motorcycles. This is a universal waterproof case with a lightweight system of use. It is very easy to throw on a “two-wheeled friend” and also easy to take off. Also, the cover protects against ultraviolet rays from falling onto a bicycle or scooter, which is equally important in hot weather.

12. Constructor Overwatch

Price: 1 313 rubles (38% discount).

LEGO is expensive and rather primitive. Fortunately, designers based on popular movies and computer games are gaining popularity. One of these designers is based on the heroes of the Overwatch game from Blizzard Entertainment. The designer consists of 602 high-quality parts and is suitable for children from six years.

13. PtPad mouse pad

Price: 200 rubles (15% discount).

A collection of original mouse pads with unusual prints. Rugs are made of high-quality rubber, which, according to customers, almost does not smell even after purchase. And this is a very important point, since very often Chinese rubber mouse pads are physically difficult to use because of the persistent smell.

14. Smart TV H96 Max

Price: 1 624 rubles (32% discount).

Proven by hundreds of buyers, including from Russia, the set-top box Smart TV H96 Max. The prefix is ​​running Android 9, has up to 4 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of internal memory. The device supports YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services and provides full access to Google Play.

15. 3D lamp

Price: 613 rubles (40% discount).

An original 3D desk lamp that can surprise anyone. The lamp is ideal as a night lamp, as at night its 3D effect is noticeably enhanced.

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