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256GB iPhone XS drops dramatically after iPhone 11

09.10.2019 0 Comments

256GB iPhone XS drops dramatically after iPhone 11


A smartphone is cheaper than ever.

The fever on iPhone 11 is in full swing – people are discussing and actively buying current iPhones. Indeed, both the basic “eleventh” and expensive Pro versions are excellent (and possibly even the best on the market) smartphones.

256GB iPhone XS drops dramatically after iPhone 11


However, if you need a flagship with an OLED display, a stylish case, enough flash memory and still an extremely powerful stuffing, we recommend that you pay close attention to the iPhone XS – namely, the version with a 256 GB drive. It is her that we recommend you buy right now.

Why? Yes, because this model is given at a bargain price (of course, in the context of top iPhones). Judge for yourself – a real extravaganza of discounts on Yandex.Market:

Thus, the iPhone XS will cost you only 65 thousand rubles! The closest analogue is 11 Pro with the same amount of flash drive is already worth more than 100 thousand. Absolutely different money.

The XS has an amazing bright screen, an offset camera, a capacious battery, a stylish design with thin frames and a hardware filling that will last another four years. We compared the iPhone X with the iPhone 11 with the IPS matrix and could not identify a clear winner, not to mention the XS! Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro is better (it’s almost a magical gadget), but it’s also much more expensive.

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