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5 awesome films rated by viewers, but no criticism

12.06.2020 0 Comments

5 awesome films rated by viewers, but no criticism


Watch despite critics!

Not always film critics like films as much as ordinary viewers. And most often, viewers come to the joint conclusion that critics are wrong or “don’t cheat” at all. They talked about five such films, which for some reason were criticized by critics, but found love among moviegoers.


Sin City

Critics Rating: 74 Viewers Rating: 8.8

The film tells three stories of passion, revenge and betrayal in one of the most terrible places on the planet – Sin City. The mafia rules in it and the streets are mortally dangerous. But this does not stop the thirst for justice of the main characters. Even at the cost of many deaths.

What is eating Gilbert Grape?

Critics' rating: 73 Viewers rating: 8.1

An ingenious film with young Johnny Depp and still young Leonardo DiCaprio. World movie stars are played by two brothers. The older brother Gilbert, played by Depp, holds a fat mother, two sisters and a weak-minded brother Arnie, played by DiCaprio. A sad routine gnaws at Gilbert, but everything changes when a beautiful young girl, Becky, arrives in the city.

Humanitarian sciences

Critics rating: 55 Viewers rating: 7.4

A relationship story of a 35-year-old man and a college student who is virtually perfect for each other. The only obstacle is the age difference. The film is not so much about romantic relationships, but about the need to rethink life.

Charlie's Angels

Critics rating: 52 Viewers rating: 8.7

In the center of the plot is an elite unit of girls Angela Charlie. Deadly beautiful and no less deadly dangerous, special agents carry out tasks that are beyond the power of any of the other special services. However, their last assignment, as it seems, will be unbearable even for them.

One less

Critics Rating: 39 Viewers Rating: 8.7

The story of Victor – the right hand leader of a criminal gang from New York. No one even guesses, but Victor was in a criminal syndicate in order to take revenge on the mafia, because she killed his family.

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