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5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

22.06.2020 0 Comments

5 cool but hidden iPhone chips


A selection of useful features.

Although there are not a million hidden functions on the iPhone, but many of them have been described more than once, you can always find some fresh and interesting chips. This collection has collected five small, very hidden, but really useful iPhone features that are nice to use on a daily basis.


5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

1. Quick access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings

A few versions of iOS ago, Apple made it so that disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the “Control Center” does not actually lead to their complete disconnection. Functions only suspend their work, which many users are not happy with.

In iOS 13, Apple developers did not correct the situation, but proposed a more convenient way to go to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings through the “Control Center”. To do this, hold down the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons on the field, and then hold down on one of the two necessary icons and select “Wi-Fi Settings” or “Bluetooth Settings” in the menu that opens. Much more convenient than going to the parameters manually.

5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

2. Smart reminders

The reminder app, a major update to iOS 13, has been surprisingly cool to work with Siri. Voice assistant allows you to create reminders directly about what is currently on the screen. For example, you have a missed call and want to call back, but later. Call Siri and say so directly, “Remind THIS in an hour.” Siri will understand everything and create a “smart” notification in the “Reminders” application that you need to call this contact back. And in a similar way, such “smart” teams work throughout the system – nothing will be forgotten.

3. Quick navigation through sites and any lists

In iOS 13, a slider appeared on each page to scroll quickly. It appears on the right of the screen as soon as you at least scroll through the page (for example, as in Explorer or on a computer browser). By holding this slider, you can quickly go anywhere on the page – incredibly convenient.

5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

4. Instant change of volume

The updated volume slider in iOS 13 can be used in a special way. Make the sound louder or quieter, and then immediately slide your finger up or down the slider – the volume will change. In such an unusual way for many people, you can quickly change the volume without bothering to hold the button.

5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

5. Removing applications directly from the App Store

With the advent of iOS 13 on the iPhone, an extremely convenient, but non-obvious option to remove applications directly from the App Store appeared. It is enough on the page with a list of recently updated applications or requesting an update to swipe left on the hated application and select "Delete". Thanks to this option, it is convenient to clean the iPhone of accumulated unnecessary applications, which, moreover, are regularly updated.

5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

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