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5 coolest films of 2020 that are already on the Internet

05.05.2020 0 Comments

5 coolest films of 2020, which are already on the Internet "title =" 5 coolest films of 2020, which are already on the Internet "data-srcset =" filmov-2020-goda-kotorye-uzhe-est-v-internete.jpg 980w, -internete-520x292.jpg 520w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px ">  

<p>You can watch!</p> 

<p>Another portion of excellent fresh films of 2020, which can be watched in high quality on the Internet, including in online cinemas.</p>
<h2>Birds of Prey: A Stunning Story of Harley Quinn</h2>
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Continuation of the story of Harley Quinn after breaking up with the Joker. There is no time to yearn for the relations left in the past. A real hunt has been declared for the girl, to survive that is another task.


The film tells the story of entrepreneurial black business partners Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett, who in the 50s had to be sophisticated to conduct the affairs of their successful real estate agency. They paid the white man to pretend to be the head of their company, while they pretended to be staff.

Invisible Man

The dark story of a girl Adriana, who flees from the high-tech house of her tormentor boyfriend in the dark. She lives with a friend, fearing for her life and not even going out. One day she learns that her ex-boyfriend committed suicide and left her an inheritance – life is getting better. However, soon the girl begins to feel that Adrian imperceptibly creeps up to her as in the past.


A group of majors decides to amuse themselves by abducting twelve people and organizing survival games for them. Everything goes according to plan until Crystal starts to bother them – a girl who accidentally learns about the criminals' plans from their correspondence.


The story of 21-year-old provincial Emma Woodhouse, who decides that she will never marry and will always look after her father. Instead of her personal life, the beautiful Emma is trying to arrange the personal life of her new girlfriend, an orphan Harriet Smith. She brings her friend Vicar Elton, while not noticing how she is in love with a man.

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