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5 exciting books that you swallow in one gulp. The most for quarantine

20.04.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Each book is a masterpiece!</p> 

<p>Non-working April and the regime of self-isolation led to the fact that even people far from books began to become interested in literature. From YouTube it’s already sick, movies and TV shows don’t climb, so it’s not surprising that many people are interested in books. In this collection, five excellent books were advised that you read in one gulp, without the slightest chance of coming off.</p>
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Goldfinch is a Donna Tartt novel that has received many prestigious awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for the 2014 art book. The novel tells the story of 13-year-old Theo Decker, who miraculously remains alive after an explosion in a museum that claimed his mother’s life. The father leaves the child and Theo is forced to wander around the houses of other people and adopted children with the only hope of finding a normal life. The picture stolen from the museum will help him in this.

King's Assassin's Chronicle

The life story of Kvout the Unknown, formerly a famous hero, mage and musician, which he himself tells already being an inconspicuous innkeeper. The book is often called the "Harry Potter" for adults, because no one spares the main character in it, and magic in the local world is done in a special way.

Walnut forest

Seventeen-year-old Alice never managed to live in one place. Evil rock seemed to haunt her family, forcing every time to look for a new home. Hope for a normal life fluttered when the girl received unpleasant news of the death of her grandmother. The deceased grandmother transferred her estate “Walnut Forest” to the girl’s mother, Ella. However, suddenly, the last words that her daughter hears from her mother are abducting Ella: "KEEP FAR FROM THE NUT FOREST!".


In the future, many people discovered paranormal abilities, and death ceased to exist. People have learned to immerse the bodies of the dead in cryochambers, in which the dead continue to exist in the new reality of the group subconscious. Utopia? No matter how. In a marvelous immortal world, an unexpected catastrophe occurs. For some reason, time is turning back.

Little women

The story of four sisters who are forced to cope with the economy after the American Civil War broke out and their father went to the front. The sisters are very different from each other, but together they manage to cope with difficulties and go the way of growing up in such difficult conditions.

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