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5 fascinating YouTube channels – stay tuned

10.02.2020 0 Comments

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned


So that the holidays are useful.

If you watch holiday movies there is no strength, and you feel sick from the “New Year's lights”, it's time to pay attention to YouTube. In this collection, they talked about five non-popular, but incredibly interesting channels on various topics. At least one of them will definitely catch you.

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned



5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned

A popular channel with a huge amount of interesting videos. Here you will be shown in principle anything from the most expensive abandoned cars to the most powerful military suits in the world. It can be seen on any topic that has one thing in common – they are all fascinating.

Anton Ptushkin

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned

Many can know the video blogger Anton Ptushkin on the Eagle and Tails program. He no longer appears in it, but instead maintains his own travel blog, which is created at a breathtaking level of quality. However, the most striking thing is not how one person makes the content cooler than some full-fledged TV teams. The most interesting thing on the Anton channel is the presentation of content, always fresh and interesting.

The people

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned

Anton Lyadov’s author’s project, which tells about people on its channel, as its name implies. And not only about the outstanding or famous, but also about the simple, whose life is far from sweet.

Science Magazine

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned

The Scientific Journal collects a variety of documentaries on any topic. This is the beauty of the channel. Here you can find both hour-long videos about the wild fauna of various countries, and no less lengthy National Geographic documentaries on the grandiose structures of mankind.

Bald and bankrupt

5 fascinating YouTube channels - stay tuned

A blogger from the United Kingdom who adores everything connected with the Soviet Union without jokes. That is why he travels through the countries of the former Union, most often through provincial towns, and shows the Western world real life in the post-Soviet space. “Bald” knows Russian at a conversational level, therefore he has no problems with communication with our people (he doesn’t always speak Russian, so include subtitles). If you have been looking for something really fresh on YouTube for a long time, bald and bankrupt is definitely worth checking out. And, yes, in the latest episodes of the Briton brought to Chernobyl.

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