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5 free must-have Windows programs

22.05.2020 0 Comments

5 free must-have Windows programs


Need to install.

Did it also seem to you that there is no quality free software left? Alas, amid hundreds of modern utilities, which are sometimes not just paid, but also with a mandatory subscription, this really happens. However, excellent free software has not yet been translated. They talked about five cool free programs for Windows that everyone should have.


5 free must-have Windows programs

4K Video Downloader

5 free must-have Windows programs

One of the best free video downloaders from the Internet for Windows. 4K Video Downloader downloads video in any resolution from all popular video hosting sites. Various flexible settings are available in the program that allow you to adjust downloads, for example, automatically load subtitles in automatic mode. It is important to note that the program has a Pro version, but the free version does not have any download restrictions due to this.

Icecream Ebook Reader

5 free must-have Windows programs

Absolutely the best "reader" for Windows. The utility implements all the wishes of both reading enthusiasts and those who need a “reader” only a couple of times a month. Icecream Ebook Reader works with any format, allows you to combine books into collections, sort by genre and other categories.


5 free must-have Windows programs

Each user had this: the program or game crashed and did not respond, but it was not possible to launch the Task Manager. This happens either if the utility hangs "tightly", or if the game window blocks the ability to curl up to the desktop. Especially for this there is a wonderful lightweight program SuperF4. It allows the elegant combination of keys Ctrl + Alt + F4 to "kill" any running program, including a crash.

Notepad ++

5 free must-have Windows programs

The standard Notepad on Windows is updated from time to time, but it still remains incredibly backward. Fortunately, there are really many alternatives. One of the best is rightfully recognized utility Notepad ++. This is a notepad with lots of additional features, plug-in support (for example, for autosave), style adjustment and other cool features. But what users of Notepad ++ like most of all, that with all its tricked out features, the utility remains an easy-to-use notepad.


5 free must-have Windows programs

Recuva is a free utility that every user must keep ready. The program allows you to quickly recover deleted files of any format, type and size. For best recovery performance, it is best to scan immediately after accidentally deleting files. However, Recuva is able to recover deleted files even after a few months.

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