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5 fresh films for those who think they have reviewed everything they can

24.04.2020 0 Comments

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<p>We chose cool, but little-known news.</p> 

<p>During the long April weekend, it may really seem that all the films in the world have been revised. At least among the good ones. We prove that this is not so. This collection has collected excellent and at the same time fresh films that many might not see (but in vain).</p>
<h2>Irrational Man (2015)</h2>
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A mesmerizing film starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix. The painting tells the story of philosophy professor Abe Lucas, who, in a desolate state, comes to teach at a small college for the summer. There, he develops a complex relationship with two very different women.

Little Secrets of a Big Company (2019)

The film tells a simple at first glance story. A friendly company, unexpectedly for his bosom millionaire friend Max, falls into his villa with warm congratulations on his anniversary. At the same time, no one can even think about the fact that their friend had serious difficulties, because of which he was forced to take extreme measures and sell the villa. Max does not want to talk about what happened and tries to hide his sad news as best as possible.

One of the main roles in the film was played by Francois Cluse (1 + 1) and the beautiful Marion Cotillard.

A beautiful day next door (2019)

The story of journalist Lloyd Vogel, who specializes in revealing articles. His new assignment is different from the usual ones – he needs to interview Fred Rogers, who seems to be the unremarkable host of the children's program. Enraged by the fact that he has to “mess around with something,” the protagonist accepts the task and, unexpectedly for himself, begins to change while communicating with Rogers – a man who sees only good things with people.

My Dog Idiot (2019)

The hilarious comedy tells the story of the writer Henri, who caught all possible crises at once. There is no inspiration, relations with his wife are crumbling, grown children have ceased to understand him. The chance to start all over again appears suddenly when Henri makes friends with a brazen stray dog.

Les Miserables (2019)

The film tells the story of the French suburb of Monfermay, which for more than two hundred years has been recognized as the place of police arbitrariness and prosperity of the dregs of society. Local servants of the law do "justice" in the streets, oppressing local residents. But everything changes when they get on the camera of a drone of one boy.

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