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5 great films that won an Oscar unexpectedly for everyone

14.02.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Worthy to be reviewed.</p> 

<p>On Monday, February 10, the winners of the 92nd Academy Awards will be announced. It's time to remember which films received the main film award for the best film in the most unexpected way.</p>
<h2>American Beauty</h2>
<p>Received an Oscar for the best film in 1999, American Beauty came out the winner from a real meat grinder. The award was claimed by the Sixth Sense, The Green Mile, The Rules of Winemakers and other significant films. However, in a fierce struggle, the victory was awarded precisely to the film of Sam Mendes.</p> 

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A film about a 42-year-old middle-aged man who is mired in depression. The impulse for life gives him an unexpected love for his daughter's classmate.

Old people have no place here

Almost no one believed that the spectacular and impressive film "Old Men Can't Get Here" will receive an Oscar in 2008. The Golden Globe and the BAFTA Award went to other films, and before the award ceremony, very few people predicted victory in the picture of the Coen brothers. However, everything happened as it happened.

5 great films that won an Oscar unexpectedly for everyone

“The Old Men Are Not Here” – a film about how an ordinary hard worker discovers a mountain of corpses in the middle of the desert and a sack with two million dollars. Without hesitation, he takes the money for himself, because of which he becomes the target for the killer maniac, only from one kind of whom he becomes uncomfortable.


When in 2014 he gave the Oscar for the best film to Birdman, many were taken aback. Few people expected a black comedy with a frankly strange plot to take the main film award of the year.

5 great films that won an Oscar unexpectedly for everyone

The film tells the story of a former actor who was previously widely known as the feathered superhero Birdman, but was subsequently forgotten. Having decided to regain its former glory, the actor returns to the legendary and wild image in the new Broadway production.


Silent black and white cinema is always appreciated by film critics, but usually such films do not pretend to be the main movie award of the year. "The Artist" took the prize for himself, provided that both his actors and the director were not actually known to Hollywood. At the same time, the film managed to get ahead of Servants, which raises important issues for the United States, based on the real picture The Man Who Changed Everything and other famous works.

5 great films that won an Oscar unexpectedly for everyone

“Artist” is a film about silent star George George Valentine, who does not want to accept the appearance of microphones on the set, marking the beginning of a new era of cinema. At the same time, statistician Peppy Miller in love with him suddenly becomes a star in sound films. And it is she who must help her lover find a place in the new world of cinema.


The painting "Moonlight" received an award for the best film of the year after an atypical Oscar error. At first, the award was given to the film “La La Land”, but it immediately became clear that the envelopes were mixed up. After a little hitch, which was clearly unpleasant for the creators of La La Lenda, it turned out that the award went to the Moonlight.

The film tells about how a young black man has to survive in Miami – a city of crime and drugs. Only bad people surround him, but he still wants to find the right path in life.

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