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5 great movies to watch after a hard day

03.06.2020 0 Comments

5 great movies to watch after a hard day



Not sure which movie to watch after a busy day? We will tell you! In this collection, five films from different genres were collected, from the modern romantic drama (without snot) to the chilling thriller with a non-trivial plot. Everyone will get the right movie for the evening viewing!


The wolf of Wall Street

The story of the talented broker Jordan Belfort, who opens his own company and begins to row money with a shovel. In his spare time, a financial genius burns his life, including using drugs. This would have continued if Jordan hadn’t become interested in the FBI.

At any cost

The film tells the story of two brothers who find themselves in a difficult situation. A huge loan hung on their deceased mother, with payments for which they now need to pay them. In order to do this, the brothers decide to rob several small banks.

emergency call

A tense thriller starring Holly Berry tells the story of a rescue operator who is trying to save a girl kidnapped by a maniac. And without that an exciting plot complements the real-time mode in which the action of the picture takes place. Due to this, it just doesn’t come off the film.


An instantly catchy film starring Sirshe Ronan tells of Eilish Lacy moving from a small Irish town to New York in search of a beautiful new life. The girl settles in Brooklyn, finds work, friends and first love. However, the sad news from Ireland will force her to return and tear between the old house and the new.

13 Ocean's friends

The third film about the criminal adventures of Danny Ocean and his friends, which is underestimated in contrast to the first two parts. According to the plot of the film, the ruthless casino owner Willie Bank substitutes one of Ocean's friends. In order to take revenge, Ocean and his team are going to crank out the most grandiose bank robbery in history.

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