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5 ingenious films for those who like the Beginning

14.06.2020 0 Comments

5 ingenious films for those who like the Beginning


To all fans of dashing stories!

Christopher Nolan’s “Beginnings” has many admirers among those who love intricate and even complex stories. Especially for fans of such films, we have compiled our latest selection. Each selected film will take its rightful place in the collection of admirers of one of the best films “Nolan”.

5 ingenious films for those who like the Beginning


A jacket

The film tells the incredible story of Jack Starks, a veteran of the Persian Gulf war, who was wounded in the head and is suffering from amnesia attacks. After being charged with the murder of a policeman, he is sent for a psychiatric examination. Starks uses experimental methods and leaves them in the basement. The thoughts of the protagonist left alone rush into the future, where he learns that he only has four days to live.

Shutter Island

The plot of this brilliant film by Martin Scorsese has two American bailiffs. They are sent to one of the islands to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a local mental health clinic. Island of the Damned is a cult film that many, of course, watched. However, if you have not reviewed it for a long time, we strongly recommend that you do it. Emotions will be like the first time.

Labyrinth of Faun

The story of the 10-year-old dreamy girl Ophelia, who finds an old abandoned maze near the house. In the maze, she meets Faun, the owner of the dungeon, claiming that the girl is the missing princess of the magic kingdom. And in order to return home, she needs to pass three trials before midnight.


The iconic thriller Guy Ritchie tells the story of Jake Green, an incredibly lucky player who breaks the jackpot at the table of crime boss Dorothy Machi. As soon as this happens, a shootout begins – everyone but Jake dies. All dogs are let down on him, as a result of which he ends up in prison for seven years. When Jake goes free, there is a perfect revenge plan in his head.

Time patrol

The amazing story of a policeman from the future who specializes in moving to the past to prevent crime. His track record is impressive, but the new danger looming on New York leaves no chance even for him.

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