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5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

08.12.2019 0 Comments

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter


Download and warm up!

The standard Weather app on the iPhone is pretty accurate, but Apple rarely updates it. It is not surprising that he has long had much more advanced alternatives, which, including, give the most correct forecasts. Five excellent replacements for the Weather app on iPhone were featured in this article.


5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

1. Yandex.Weather

Yandex has many different services, but Yandex.Weather stands out from the majority. The fact is that the Yandex.Weather application is very different from other weather applications with the exclusive Meteum technology developed by Yandex itself.

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

The technology makes a weather forecast at any given point using data from multiple sources. Thanks to this, Yandex.Weather is able to accurately predict the weather in the right places, for example, near your home. Yandex.Weather’s progress is also confirmed by user reviews. The application has the highest rating among other weather applications.

2. Gismeteo lite

Great app from the proven Gismeteo weather service. The application stands out for its pleasant and user-friendly interface, detailed information about weather conditions and, of course, forecast accuracy.

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

Separately, in the Gismeteo lite application, it is worth noting the possibility of working without an Internet connection. You can download the forecast for the future for later viewing offline. A very useful feature that can help out.

3. AccuWeather

First of all, the AccuWeather application looks very impressive. Anyone looking for a beautiful weather app should at least try it.

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

However, the main thing in AccuWeather is not a wrapper, but a filling. The application accurately predicts the weather anywhere in the world, provides access to an interactive weather map and, a special feature, displays what the air temperature is for real sensations. The last indicator is calculated using special technology RealFeel Temperature.

4. Weather Live

Another application with very spectacular animations that clearly show what the weather is at the right point on the planet. The application provides many different data, including visibility, UV index and weather severity.

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

Weather Live has one of the best weather widgets for the iPhone. It is so informative that, in fact, the application itself is not required to enter. But you will still be doing this. Just to enjoy colorful animations.

5. Clear Day

Clear Day shows a very accurate weather forecast using proven MultiForecast technology. The application has juicy animations and a cool New Year theme, for which, in fact, you need to install it now, on the eve of the winter holidays.

5 iPhone Weather Changes to Survive the Winter

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