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5 movies that you can watch endlessly

17.05.2020 0 Comments

5 movies that you can watch endlessly


You love these movies.

Often there is such a mood that I do not want to rummage around in search of a new movie. I want to see something time-tested, something legendary. Five of these films we have collected in this collection. You have probably seen each of them. Probably more than once. But reviewing each of them is a pleasure.



“Brother” with Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Viktor Sukhorukov is a completely brilliant film. It somehow magically captures the viewer from the very first seconds. The film catches instantly and does not let go until the end, so you can review it endlessly. The painting tells the story of Danila Bagrova, who goes to St. Petersburg to meet with his successful brother. Successful … hired killer.

The Shawshank Redemption

The cult film, which for many years holds the first line in the lists of the best films IMDb and "Cinema Search". The painting tells the story of an accountant, Andy Dufrein, who finds himself in prison after being convicted of the murder of his wife and lover. The prison severely meets Andy, but he manages to find an approach to prisoners and guards. And thanks to this, plan the most audacious jailbreak in history.

Truman Show

Take a look around. Is everything around you real? Or is everything around skillfully planned by a talented screenwriter and you are the protagonist of the series without suspecting it yourself? Agree, it’s difficult to imagine such a thing. However, it is in such a situation that Truman appears – the protagonist of the ingenious film by Peter Weir “The Truman Show”.

Terminator 2: Doomsday

Movie icon. “Doomsday” tells of the coming of the future terminator T-1000, capable of taking on any guise. His goal is the murder of young John Connor, who in the future will become the leader of humanity in the battle against the machines. Another terminator comes to the rescue of John, reprogrammed by the resistance to protect people.

Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring

The beginning of the most epic adventure in the history of cinema, which few people need to introduce. The Fellowship of the Ring begins its story in the Shire, a quiet village where the hobbits live. The wizard Gandalf is sent there, who gives the magic ring to his longtime friend Bilbo Baggins. Unable to cope with the power of the ring, Bilbo gives it to his nephew Frodo. From this moment begins the great campaign of the little hobbits who have to save Middle-earth.

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