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5 must-have programs for Windows that everyone should have

15.05.2020 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

5 must-have programs for Windows that everyone should have


Each more or less advanced PC user has a set of programs that must be installed on a computer. It is time to replenish it. They talked about five incredibly useful and completely free utilities for Windows that every user should have.


f.lux is a small utility that makes working at a computer much less harmful at any time of the day. The program gradually adjusts the color temperature of the screen, making it warmer as it darkens. Thanks to this, working at a computer in the evening and at night is noticeably more comfortable and safe for the eyes.

By the way, if you think that you do not need such a program, just run it and sit at the computer literally 30 minutes in the evening. After that, disable the utility. The effect will hit you so much that you don’t want to turn off f.lux anymore.

Yes, Windows 10 has recently had a direct alternative to f.lux. However, the function from Microsoft has significantly fewer settings.


If you do not have enough space on the drives of your computer, you need to figure out what it takes. Browse all folders manually or even through Total Commander – the last century. There is a cool utility WinDirStat for this. It performs a quick scan and shows in a clear way what files and how much space they occupy on the computer's disks. With its help, it is extremely convenient to find extra files, which at the same time take up a lot of space.


The utility with the simple name youtube-dlg is the most powerful and effective manager for downloading video from the Internet. All you need is to feed the link to the video (you can even have a whole list of links, very convenient) utility. Immediately after that, the download will begin without any stupid restrictions. With the help of youtube-dlg you can even download 4K-video files, and regardless of the duration.


Want a stylish, fast, but functional manager and photo viewer? And to be free at the same time? The task sounds impossible, but there really is one. The darktable utility allows you to view and catalog photos, apply filters and perform image processing with various tools and, to the heap, work with RAW files.


A huge number of users have the same uTorrent installed as the main torrent downloader. Yes, when it was the best, but now it has more advertising than on sites with these same torrents. Another thing is BitComet. This is a free torrent client with all the modern features, a simple interface without any frills and lack of advertising.

10 more free Windows programs that everyone should have

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