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5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

14.10.2019 0 Comments

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom


Very funny!

You can get bored on YouTube. If you got tired of the video with cats and last year’s selections with memes, it's time to find something new. In this article, we have compiled five cool YouTube channels that will instantly kill boredom. Only proven material.

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom


TNT4 Channel

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

Do not be scared! This is not an ordinary TNT with the already classic Comedy Club and other boring humorous shows. Everything is much more interesting here. Firstly, there is no censorship. And secondly, top stand-upers and comedians participate in various shows. One “Roasting” is worth it. Updates are not very frequent, but so much content has already been uploaded to the channel that it will take several months to watch.

KuJi Podcast

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

KuJi Podcast is exactly what you need if you are tired even of the newfangled stand-up. Podcasts are released on the channel – some serious, and some funny to the stomachache. The channel’s front-liners are the best people in contemporary Russian humor right now: Nurlan Saburov and Timur Karginov. They call many interesting guests. For example, Wylsacom itself was recently.

Chicken Curry

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

The channel is not updated so often, there are still relatively few videos on it, but you can’t recommend it in any way. Ivan Urgant, Alexander Gudkov, Vladimir Marconi and other modern comedians entertain as they can. Or maybe they are powerful. There are several original shows on the channel, the participants of which are popular Russian stars, such as Ilya Prusikin, Nastya Ivleeva, Danila Poperechny and others.


5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

But enough with stand-ups and shows. There is also more intelligent humor on YouTube. For example, on the channel of Yevgeny Bazhenov, he is also a BadComedian who does reviews on films. Mostly Russian, which, as you know, has recently been of very poor quality. Therefore, it turns out wildly funny. However, the BadComedian channel is not only about humor. Serious questions are raised there. In general, it is interesting from all sides.

Ural dumplings

5 YouTube channels to kill boredom

If you want more classics, then do not forget about the good old "Ural Dumplings." They go not only on TV, but on the Internet. There are tons of (seriously, very, very) funny videos on their YouTube channel.

Earlier we talked about five YouTube channels that you can’t tear yourself away from.

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