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50 GB in iCloud is given away for free. Anyone can pick it up

16.07.2020 0 Comments

50 GB in iCloud is given away for free. Anyone can pick it up



Apple's authorized retailer in Russia, re: Store, allowed everyone to get 50 GB of free iCloud storage for four months. The promotion will last until October 30, 2020.


To get 50 GB of iCloud storage, go to the re: Store website and click the Get Code button. The promotion can be used by users who have activated the basic free iCloud subscription plan, which provides 5 GB of cloud storage space.

If the user who has used the promotion does not cancel the subscription, then after four months a paid subscription renewal will take place. Note that you can cancel your subscription immediately after activating the four-month free period. The connected 50 GB of iCloud storage will be available for use for all four months.

Previously, it became possible to receive a free subscription to the Apple Music music service in the same way.

Source: re: Store.

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