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7 books that are easy to read in one evening

23.04.2020 0 Comments

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<p>A selection for lovers.</p> 

<p>Want to read something, but in a way that is "fast and efficient"? Such books are the sea! They talked about seven fascinating books that you will read literally in one evening and will surely be satisfied.</p>
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Notes of a young doctor

7 books that are easy to read in one evening

“Notes of a Young Doctor” is a collection of Mikhail Bulgakov's stories about the life of a young doctor, largely based on the author’s personal experience in a rural hospital. Currently a very relevant and informative book that is read in one go.

House on Mango Street

Esperance is very ashamed of his poor home on Mango Street. She dreams of growing up as soon as possible, fleeing her hometown and becoming a writer. But for now, she can only watch the difficult, but surprisingly happy life of her neighbors in a poor area.

Consolation on the road

Young Holly Hogan gets into a foster family and her life becomes bleak. She only thinks about how to return to Ireland and find her own mother. However, she does not dare to act in any way – she lacks character. Everything changes when a girl finds a blond wig and instantly turns into a Solas. In a completely different girl, which set off on a dangerous adventure across the country – just spit.


Vika got a red kitten and her life began to change. First, “saffron milk cap” opened the heroine’s eyes to the unsightly behavior of her husband, whom she had been planning to leave for so long. Further, on a tip from the cat, the girl took part in a competition of architects and found a dream job. And then the mustachioed completely helped Vika make contact with a real brownie, right in the apartment in the center of Moscow!

Secret mother

Tessa Markham returned home and found a little boy in the kitchen. “Are you my mommy?” The kid asked. But Tessa is not a mother. No longer a mother. She lost her first child during childbirth, and the second died recently. Calling the police was a mistake. Police suspect the woman of stealing a child, and people close to Tessa doubt the accident that happened. It comes to the point that Tessa herself ceases to believe herself.

The Old Man and the Sea

One of the most famous works of Ernest Hemingway. Saturated with loneliness and hopelessness, the book on the one hand tells of man and the elements, of poverty, but devotion to his work. On the other hand, she talks about the desire to live and the willingness to do anything for her own salvation.

Martian Chronicles

To conquer Mars, this changing world inhabited by hostile elusive creatures, is the dream of many. Want to? Well, then go for it. But be prepared for the fact that longing for the Earth will be unbearable. The amazing Martian stories of Ray Bradbury – a classic of world literature.

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