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7 crazy 2020 smartphones

07.12.2019 0 Comments

7 crazy 2020 smartphones


You need to follow them.

In 2019, several important breakthroughs occurred in the smartphone industry at once. The main one is associated with the beginning of the use of flexible screens in mobile devices. But 2020 promises to be even more impressive for unusual smartphones and the technologies used in them. They talked about seven amazing smartphones that should be expected in 2020.


1. TCL Fold

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

Please TCL with an original technological solution. In 2019, she introduced the concept of an unusual folding smartphone that folds into an accordion. The implementation of the device was so successful that TCL instantly found many fans around the world. We are expecting that in 2020 the company will release such a (or improved) smartphone into mass sale.

2. Xiaomi Mi Flex

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

Xiaomi, to the surprise of many, is in no hurry with the launch of a foldable smartphone for the mass consumer. According to leaks, the company is trying to do everything right. About Xiaomi Mi Flex it is known that the smartphone will receive two displays: a large front and a small auxiliary on the back. Insiders also found out Xiaomi's intentions to release a smartphone at a noticeably lower price compared to competitors. However, this is not surprising for Xiaomi.

3. Motorola RAZR V4

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

Motorola also noted a foldable smartphone with a flexible display in 2019. The new RAZR captivated the public, which gave Motorola a surge of energy to create the next model. It is known that Motorola took up the development of new items in which the company will try to eliminate all the shortcomings and implement the missing functions. Specifically, we are expecting the next RAZR V4 slot for a physical SIM card. In the folding RAZR it is not, therefore, the model is practically unsuitable for Russia.

4. Microsoft Andromeda

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

Microsoft has worked for years on a foldable smartphone, code-named Andromeda. The device was even canceled a couple of times, but Microsoft always stably returned to it. In 2019, it turned out that Microsoft Andromeda would definitely be released, and this will take place in 2020. The smartphone will be displayed in a mini-tablet, it will not have physical buttons, but there will be support for the stylus. According to insiders, Microsoft has a big bet on the new product, in connection with which the company is preparing a modified software platform with a smartphone.

5. LG Bendi

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

In 2020, LG is preparing a special smartphone for us. Model codenamed Bendi will have a one-of-a-kind folding display book. Thanks to this design, an important feature of the model will be compactness when folded. Interestingly, LG has already registered trademarks associated with the smartphone. It is possible that the company will show a new product at MWC 2020 in February.

6. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

Despite all the difficulties with the first Galaxy Fold, Samsung is already actively developing a foldable smartphone with a second-generation flexible display. It is reported that Samsung intends to take into account all the mistakes made, to make the device more reliable with long-term use, to improve the performance, and at the same time, significantly reduce the price of the gadget. Considering that it is precisely the reduction in the cost of folding smartphones that consumers are waiting for in the first place, it will be interesting to observe the Galaxy Fold 2.

7. iPhone Fold

7 crazy 2020 smartphones

There is not much chance of this, but you still need to wait for the folding iPhone Fold. At least the announcement or the launch of Samsung-style news for a narrow category of connoisseurs of new technologies. Numerous patents have repeatedly confirmed that Apple engineers are actually developing such a smartphone. Another thing is that Apple is known for its love of releasing devices aimed at a wide audience. Not the fact that a foldable iPhone is such.

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