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Ahead of its time: what will the new Apple Watch 6 be like?

07.09.2020 0 Comments

Ahead of its time: what will the new Apple Watch 6 be like?


One of the most anticipated new products this fall.

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting fall. This year will especially delight connoisseurs of the "apple" brand not only with the long-awaited debut of the iPhone 12, iPad Pro, but also with a new version of the legendary Apple Watch 6. What will be the next generation smart watches, and have the developers been able to stay ahead of their time?

For several years, Apple has been demonstrating new electronic watches along with the presentation of smartphones and tablets. Previous models have taken root in the market and have found their loyal customers.


Judge for yourself, at the end of last year, according to analysts at Strategy Analytics, 31 million Apple watches were sold worldwide. Producers are counting on success again this year.

And this is not surprising, today the Internet is filled with rumors about what the new 6 series smartwatches will be like. However, brand representatives are as always laconic. Before the presentation, the developers keep a restrained silence, which further stimulates the interest of buyers.

Apple Watch 6

Little is known about the new product. Presumably, the smartwatch will run on watchOS 7. The developers have also upgraded the W3 wireless chip. The Apple Watch 6 is rumored to have a digital crown. In the previous model of smartwatches, the designers made it flatter and more round. Judging by the fact that today Apple is heading towards digitalization, these rumors may be true.

According to experts, Apple Watch 6 series will be equipped with sleep tracking. According to an insider from Bloomberg, the developers tested this feature back in 2019, but it was never implemented in Episode 5. Perhaps it is this know-how that smartwatches will delight their fans.

Judging by the leaks in the network, the developers will correct the main drawback of the previous models and increase the battery capacity. But the appearance of the watch is unlikely to change dramatically. Perhaps the Apple Watch 6 will have a wider and bezel-less screen. But the rumors about the release of round watches are, rather, only speculations of brand lovers.

Soon we will see with our own eyes what the "apple" watch of the 6th series will look like. One thing is for sure, the developers are trying to stay ahead of the time, embodying the most daring advanced ideas in the new product. This is what makes the Apple Watch not only a familiar accessory, but also a real portable computer on your hand.

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