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AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price

21.10.2019 0 Comments

AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price


All about the new AirPods!

AirPods Pro does not wait long! Fresh intriguing leak promises very soon the release of new wireless headphones Apple. What will the new AirPods be and how much will they cost? Gathered all the reliable information about the new AirPods Pro in one article.


AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price


Until October 18, 2019, Apple’s new wireless headphones were simply called “Third Generation AirPods” or AirPods 3. However, due to a major leak from the Chinese resource China Economic Daily, it became known that the headphones would be called AirPods Pro. This was reported by sources related to Apple.

Note that none of the more well-known insiders or analysts have so far confirmed this name for the following Apple headphones.


AirPods Pro will receive a full redesign compared to the AirPods of the first two generations. The shape of the headphone housing will change, it will become more voluminous. The “leg” of the headphones may become thicker.

The redesign of AirPods Pro immediately confirmed several leaks. First of all, the icon with the image of the new headphones was found in the beta code of iOS 13.2. This is the main confirmation that Apple is working on such AirPods. Otherwise, such an icon would simply not get into the iOS firmware code.

AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price

Icon of the new AirPods from iOS 13.2

Insider resource 52 Audio has published exclusive shots of the bodies of the new AirPods. The photographs depict cases with exactly the same shape as on the icon from iOS 13.2. According to an insider, the headphone cases and charging case of the future AirPods were received from an employee of one of Apple's partner companies. It’s important to note that the photo below was published before Apple released the first beta version of iOS 13.2.

AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price

In addition, accessory maker Electronic Silk Road has launched pre-sales of a new design for the AirPods charging case.

AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price

As many as three leaks indicated the release of AirPods Pro in a redesigned design. Equally important, headphone analyst Min-Chi Kuo announced the headphone redesign at the beginning of the year. He is known for extremely reliable forecasts for new Apple products.

Noise suppression

One of the main features of the new AirPods Pro will be an active noise reduction system. It will allow you to remove all ambient noise when listening to music and talking on the phone.

Too much noise penetration is called the minus of the AirPods earphones of the first two generations. The new AirPods Pro is expected to completely solve this problem.

AirPods Pro: review, features, what's new, release date, price

The noise reduction system in AirPods Pro will be regulated by analogy with Beats Solo Pro – the first Apple headphones with noise reduction. AirPods Pro users will be able to turn off the active noise reduction system, and thereby extend the battery life of the headphones. For comparison, Beats Solo Pro work without recharging with noise reduction turned on for up to 22 hours, and without it – up to 40 hours.

Thus, we should expect an increase in the battery life of the new AirPods, probably large.

Release Date in Russia

According to sources in the Chinese edition of China Economic Daily, the release date for AirPods Pro is October 2019.

Note that other insiders did not confirm this information. Earlier, authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that Apple is developing two new models of AirPods. One of them with a “completely new design” should go into production from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020.

Price in Russia

From a major leak on AirPods Pro on October 18, it became known that the price of headphones would be $ 260. It will be immediately $ 100 more expensive than the current second-generation AirPods model with a charging case without wireless charging support.

If this information is confirmed, then the price of AirPods Pro in Russia will exceed 20 thousand rubles. The likely price of AirPods Pro including taxes is 21,990 rubles.

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