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Apple allowed owners of iPhones with non-genuine batteries to repair their smartphones in official SCs

12.07.2019 0 Comments

Apple allowed owners of iPhones with non-genuine batteries to repair their smartphones in official SCs


Without giving this event wide publicity, Apple made a very unexpected and very positive change in the policy regarding the repair of devices. More specifically, the company allowed Genius Bar employees and authorized service centers to provide warranty repairs to iPhones with non-genuine batteries installed in third-party workshops. The confirmation is an internal document sent to Apple’s authorized technical services, a copy of which was obtained by the French iGeneration blog, MacRumors reports.

This is a significant change, because up to this point, there was a clear instruction that in such cases, always refuse to repair the iPhone with a non-original battery, regardless of the circumstances. Now, Apple technicians and authorized SOs are authorized to take the device and provide a full range of repair services in such cases (and this does not have to be battery replacement, there may be repairs to the display, motherboard, microphones, etc., etc.).


Thus, if necessary, the client can contact the official service and replace the non-original battery with the original one, paying the standard price for it. Moreover, in some cases (if the tongues of the adhesive tape of the battery are broken, missing or contain a lot of glue), employees can make their own decisions about replacing the old device with a new one at the price of battery repair.

Surely now, many have seen an excellent opportunity to get a new iPhone instead of the old one, but do not rush to break their smartphones, because: a) the document, although it looks genuine, was received as unknown as; b) it is not yet clear whether this will affect service centers in Ukraine. However, the document states that the changes take effect on Thursday (that is, tomorrow) and will be valid throughout the world.

Note that iPhones with non-original motherboards, cases, microphones, Lightning ports, headphone jacks and volume buttons are still not accepted for official repair.

As noted by MacRumors, this is the second such an indulgence from Apple. In 2017, the company allowed repairing smartphones with third-party displays.

Source: MacRumors


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