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Apple allowed third-party service centers to repair iPhone

03.09.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Apple allowed third-party service centers to repair iPhone

Private workshops will have access to official spare parts from the manufacturer.

Apple has allowed any service centers to perform non-warranty repairs of the iPhone. The company has developed a new device maintenance program with an expired official warranty. The new conditions include the possibility of obtaining original components from Apple by any private workshops. The company emphasized that we are talking mainly about the most popular spare parts – displays, rear glass panels, batteries.

IPhone Repair

The program will allow private workshops to communicate with the corporation at the same level that previously existed exclusively at authorized service centers. This is not only the supply of branded components, but also the training of employees.

The initiative has been tested in 20 stores in the United States, Europe and Asia. So far, the program has been implemented only in America, but will soon be extended to other regions. This will undoubtedly improve the quality and availability of non-warranty iPhone repairs.

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