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Apple Blocks Facebook App Update With 30% Commission Notice

30.08.2020 0 Comments

Apple Blocks Facebook App Update With 30% Commission Notice


Apple doesn't want everyone to know about it.

Apple did not miss the Facebook App Store update on the App Store, which introduced a notice of a 30 percent fee charged by the iPhone manufacturer on every transaction. According to Apple representatives, this notice violates the App Store's guidelines for distributing irrelevant information.


Facebook developers wanted to add an alert that Apple takes a 30% commission on every payment under the checkout button. Apple denied this Facebook app update, citing App Store policies. When Facebook developers removed the alert, the app update was allowed into the Apple App Store.

Facebook said the company asked Apple to remove the commission in order to support developers in today's challenging environment. However, Apple refused.

Notably, Facebook planned to add a similar Google fee notification to its Android app. But after the incident with Apple, the company changed its decision and did not add an alert to the version of the application for Android smartphones.

Source: Reuters.

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