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Apple canceled premiere of The Banker due to unnamed “fears”

22.11.2019 0 Comments

Apple canceled premiere of The Banker due to unnamed “fears”


Apple made an unexpected decision to remove its original film, The Banker, from the program of the annual festival of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. The premiere of the film was supposed to take place during the festival on November 21, but now the new date is not specified.

After today's premiere, the film was supposed to be released in theaters on December 6, and then it was supposed to appear in the Apple TV + service. Apple said in a statement last week that the company learned about “some concerns” about the film. Together with the creators of The Banker, Apple decided to postpone the premiere:


“Last week, some concerns about the movie were brought to our attention,” Apple said in a statement. “We, along with the filmmakers, need some time to figure out these issues and determine the best next steps.”

It is also reported that the company did not decide on the release of the film in theaters. As for the festival, the American Film Institute only yesterday found out about changes to Apple's plans. This suggests that the company made an emergency decision in the last few days.

The Banker is one of the first original Apple films for the Apple TV + service. There were many expectations about him. And the fact that his premiere was to take place at the festival was a sign that The Banker might have the potential to receive awards.

The Banker tells the true story of African-American business partners Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris. In the 1960s, they developed a daring and risky plan and established a successful business in real estate and banking. They fought against the racial oppressions of those years and helped other African Americans realize their American dream. Together with his wife Garrett Eunis, they recruited and trained a fake “white” company leader who was supposed to be a wealthy respectable person, since it was extremely difficult for African Americans to occupy senior positions at that time. At the same time, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris themselves posed as a simple cleaner and driver. Their success ultimately attracts the attention of the federal government, which threatens everything that four entrepreneurs built.

Samuel L. Jackson (Django, The Hateful Eight, Avengers) and Anthony Mackie (Baby in the Million, Avengers: Infinity War) starred in the film.

Source: 9to5mac

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