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Apple Card can be damaged by carrying it in your wallet

24.08.2019 0 Comments

Apple Card can be damaged by carrying it in your wallet


The owners of the new Apple Card note that the credit card is easy enough to damage during everyday use

Apple issued its credit card just a couple of days ago, and since then there has been constant news about this piece of titanium. For example, we became aware that an “apple” credit card can be very easily damaged by storing the item in a leather wallet or when wearing jeans in a pocket. Such conclusions can be drawn from the comments of Apple support, which experts sent in response to complaints from users who received a brand card of the brand.


Apple Card can be damaged by carrying it in your wallet

On the other hand, manufacturers declare that their credit card is the most reliable in the market, since on it "the personal data of the owner and the company logo are laser engraved." But at the same time, the color of the subject may change (be erased) as a result of constant contact with skin or denim.

When asked by the holders about how best to store their card, Apple representatives said that the best choice would be to purchase a special container for credit cards made of soft material. It is also necessary to ensure that the card does not come into contact with any metal objects that can not only damage the outer coating, but also demagnetize the tape.

In order for the credit card to last as long as possible, it is recommended to wipe it with a soft fiber dipped in warm water. "We do not recommend using any chemicals for cleaning windows and washing dishes containing abrasive elements to clean the Apple Card," the support service said in a statement.

All this sounds extremely strange, given the fact that many holders of credit cards, in general, do not care about them. Not to mention the complete refusal to use leather wallets so that the card simply does not lose its outwardly attractive properties. However, it should be borne in mind that the Apple Card is not just a credit card, but an item that emphasizes high social status. It guarantees the ability to receive 3% cashback and generates a virtual account with which you can conveniently make purchases without using cash.

Apple is promoting its map as another element of the brand’s philosophy of luxury. The product looks prestigious and rich, which proves the worthiness of the owner. And all this determines the existence of a whole page on the official website of the company, which is devoted to issues related to the card and the specifics of caring for it.

But it seems that in the near future, when the leadership of the corporation understands the dissatisfaction of its customers, an additional accessory will appear on the market. And further to use the Apple Card without any special case for it will not be so fashionable for it.

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