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Apple Card users accuse card issuing bank of gender discrimination

11.11.2019 0 Comments

Apple Card users accuse card issuing bank of gender discrimination


The New York State Department of Financial Services will audit Goldman Sachs due to complaints regarding Apple Card credit limits. The reason was a series of posts on Twitter, among the indignant – Danish programmer and race car driver David Hansson, as well as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Bloomberg reports.

The essence of the claims of Hansson and Wozniak is that their wives received the same credit limits at the same tax returns. Moreover, Hansson’s wife has a higher credit rating, American citizenship and deep family roots in the United States, while the programmer himself holds a green card, therefore, the bank should trust her even more than her husband. Complainants suggested that the algorithms on the basis of which the limit is calculated have a different approach to men and women. Other Apple Card users who shared similar stories agreed with them.


The @AppleCard is such a fucking sexist program. My wife and I filed joint tax returns, live in a community-property state, and have been married for a long time. Yet Apple’s black box algorithm thinks I deserve 20x the credit limit she does. No appeals work.

– DHH (@dhh) November 7, 2019

The same thing happened to us. I got 10x the credit limit. We have no separate bank or credit card accounts or any separate assets. Hard to get to a human for a correction though. It’s big tech in 2019.

– Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) November 10, 2019

Just read this thread. My wife has a way better score than me, almost 850, has a higher salary and was given a credit limit 1/3 of mine. We had joked that maybe Apple is just sexist. Seems like it’s not a joke. Beyond f’ed up.

– Carmine Granucci (@whoiscarmine) November 9, 2019

Definitely something weird here because we had the same experience. My wife has a higher credit score (by a couple points). I got the max limit with the lowest APR and she got half my limit with the mid range APR.

– Gustavo Tandeciarz (@dcinzona) November 10, 2019

The New York State Department of Finance responded to messages and stated that, by law, all consumers should be served equally, regardless of gender. Officials have promised to investigate the bank.

Goldman Sachs in a press comment noted that members of the same family can have fundamentally different lines of credit, because the Apple Card implies only personalized service, and that the client’s gender is not taken into account. Hansson did not satisfy this explanation. According to him, after the campaign launched by him on Twitter, the bank unexpectedly increased the credit line to his wife without requesting additional documents from her.

“Instead of addressing the essence of the problem, representatives of the bank manually raised the credit limit and thereby tried to hush up the situation, so as not to touch the algorithm.

Although, what can I talk about here, if no one can explain to us how decisions are made. Everyone says that the algorithm decided so and that it is objective in its judgments, but no one is able to explain why they consider the algorithm objective. It seems that everyone in the bank believes in the superpowers of the machine. It’s especially depressing that it is impossible to appeal the decision of the algorithm, ”the programmer said and added:“ I can believe that the bank had no intention of discriminating against someone, but the result was just that. ”

What's in the black box?

Two recent incidents are shining a light on biases in decision-making algorithms used by finance and health care companies

– Bloomberg TicToc (@tictoc) November 10, 2019

Hansson hopes that Goldman Sachs will ultimately not only make the necessary changes to the algorithm, but also make its work more transparent, and also allow customers, if necessary, to request a review of the machine’s decision by a financial institution employee.

Source: Bloomberg


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