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Apple commented on the designation of Crimea as part of Russia – this is a requirement of local law

01.12.2019 0 Comments

Apple commented on the designation of Crimea as part of Russia - this is a requirement of local law


Apple’s decision regarding the geographical location of Crimea and the display of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula in its services as an administrative unit of Russia, albeit only for Russia, was expected to be severely criticized by the world community, not to mention Ukrainians who were not shy about expressing this news. And now Apple has officially reacted to the situation, and quite expectedly: the Yabloko affiliates confirmed that they designated the annexed Crimea as Russian territory, as this is required by Russian law.

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters that the company has made changes to its Weather app only for Russian users due to a new law.


“We review international law, as well as relevant US laws and other domestic laws, before deciding on labeling on cards. And we make changes if the law requires it. Now we are studying in more detail [вопрос] mapping the boundaries of the disputed territories to our services, and it is possible that changes will be made in the future. ”

In other words, Apple was forced to take this step – to make these controversial changes to services in order to continue to work in the Russian market. And it is clear that business is business; the company shows the Ukrainian peninsula Russian only for Russians, while for the rest of the world – it is displayed in Ukrainian. In addition, the same Google adheres to exactly the same position. On the other hand, such an ambiguous position looks very doubtful, nothing more than an attempt to sit on two chairs, and everyone knows that this usually does not end with anything good. In addition, for Ukrainians, the issue of Crimea is not just a sore subject, it is a wound that is bleeding to this day. So in relation to Ukrainians, Apple acted, to put it mildly, very ugly. Yes, and this official comment is clearly only aggravate everything.

Source: Reuters


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