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Apple confirmed work on new wellness products

11.07.2019 0 Comments


Apple does not plan to be limited only to the function of the ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4, continuing to increase its influence in the field of health. This was announced in an interview with MobiHealthNews by the company’s vice president for health, Sumbul Desai. According to her, in Cupertino, great importance is attached to the development of medicine and the popularization of devices that contribute to the identification of certain disorders at home without the need to visit medical offices.

Apple confirmed work on new wellness products


Apple Watch Series 4 is only the first step towards Apple’s goal, which is to enable users to perform diagnostic procedures at home. But even this was a very difficult project from the point of view of implementation, states Desai. According to her, in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they were very skeptical about the possibility of removing the ECG and more than critically approached the question of function testing.

Apple for health

“We are very interested in the development of health care and therefore we will continue to work in this direction,” says Desai. – Health care is exactly the area where we can properly express themselves. Hearing the gratitude of users who say that our products have helped them improve their health – this is what drives us. Making health care accessible to everyone is what we are striving for. ”

Apple's desire to popularize health tracking devices stems from misconceptions that have developed in society, a top manager explains. Many people seriously think, Desai says, that such a disease as atrial fibrillation is typical only for older people aged 65 and older. But this, of course, is not so. Atrial fibrillation, according to data from open sources, is among the most popular reasons for contacting emergency departments, including among young people.

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