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Apple Confirms NextVR California VR

16.05.2020 0 Comments

Apple Confirms NextVR California VR


The information that appeared last month that Apple is in the process of acquiring California-based NextVR, a company specializing in broadcasting in virtual reality, has received official confirmation. And although this is extremely atypical for Apple itself (it rarely comments on such rumors or even more so releases press releases), the fact of signing the deal was confirmed by a company representative to Bloomberg.

The NextVR website is no longer available, now it displays a message that the company is "moving in a new direction."


The transaction price was not announced, but previous rumors pointed to $ 100 million. How exactly Apple will use NextVR's development is still unclear. But it’s obvious that the deal is part of the iPhone manufacturer’s broader strategy of expanding the business with full access to the augmented and virtual reality market. Over the past few years, we have heard many times about the stereoscopic augmented reality headset Apple, which is potentially capable of making a new revolution in the industry and producing an effect comparable to the appearance on the iPhone market. The last time we heard that Apple delayed the release of the first AR headset until 2022, and the release of more compact augmented reality glasses until 2023.

Do not expect Apple's “shameless” augmented reality glasses until at least 2023

NextVR was founded in 2009 by David Cole and DJ Roller. She develops a platform that allows you to watch concerts, sporting events and other events in virtual reality. NextVR works on PlayStation, Oculus, HTC, Microsoft and other headsets of virtual reality, and the partners of the company, among others, are the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, and Fox Sports.

It remains to add that NextVR is the third purchase by Apple this year; The company previously acquired the Irish company Voysis, specializing in the development of artificial intelligence software, and the developers of the popular Dark Sky weather forecasting application.

Source: Bloomberg

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