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Apple Creates Mac Gaming Computer

26.12.2019 0 Comments

Apple Creates Mac Gaming Computer


The price is amazing.

Apple is developing an eSports-oriented Mac gaming computer. The company is preparing to release a new product next year at a price of $ 5,000 (about 310 thousand rubles). This was reported today by sources from the Taiwanese supply chain Apple.


Apple Creates Mac Gaming Computer

According to insiders, a gaming Mac may turn out to be a widescreen iMac all-in-one or a large-screen MacBook. In what exact form factor the novelty will be released, the sources could not clarify.

In 2019, Apple actively entered the gaming industry. With the release of iOS 13, the company launched the Apple Arcade game service with a subscription to games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. The service offers more than 100 games, most of which are exclusive to Apple platforms. The first successes of Apple Arcade showed that the service greatly attracted players and developers.

A new gaming Mac is expected to be announced at the Apple WWDC 2020 Developer Conference in June.

Source: Patently Apple.

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