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Apple first proposed self-service SSD upgrade kit for Mac Pro

16.06.2020 0 Comments

Apple first proposed self-service SSD upgrade kit for Mac Pro


Apple has prepared a kit for upgrading the Mac Pro SSD, which will increase the capacity of available storage on your computer. The set is intended for those users who initially chose the configuration with a small storage capacity, and now faced with the problem of lack of space. It will allow replacing the existing SSD in the system and will include drives with a capacity of up to 8 TB.

Previously, Mac Pro owners could expand their available storage by purchasing third-party components. However, in this case, they could only install another drive in the PCIe slot, and not replace the SSD directly. This is the first time Apple has offered an official upgrade kit for SSD systems. At the same time, Apple’s kit is designed for self-installation by the client itself – without visiting a service center. Instructions for upgrading the drive will be available on the company's website.


In addition, Apple has prepared a minor update for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Now the configuration may include a new, more productive AMD Radeon Pro 5600M graphics card, upgrading to it will cost $ 700 or $ 800, depending on the version of the laptop you originally selected. Previously, the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M was the top-end graphics card for modernization. Both video cards contain 8 GB of memory each, but if the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M used GDDR6 video memory, then the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M already uses HBM2 memory. Apple claims that the new graphics card will provide a performance increase of up to 75%.

Source: The Verge

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