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Apple has closed stores in all countries except China

14.03.2020 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

A statement by Tim Cook appeared on the official Apple website in which he announced the closure of all the company's stores around the world until March 27 due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The only exception was China, in which the authorities managed to take control of the spread of the virus. Tim also announced the transition of office workers to flexible working hours. All hourly employees of the company will continue to receive wages. Apple products can still be purchased through the online store and the Apple Store app.

Apple has closed stores in all countries except China

The head of the company, Tim Cook, published a statement on the official Apple website in which he announced the closure of all stores outside of China.

On March 13, Tim Cook's statement was published on the official website, in which he shared an important message with the "Apple family." Such a move was inevitable, and it was Apple that was to be the first in this matter to set an example to the rest. The company devotes so much effort to the health of its customers, so this step was to some extent expected, but few expected it to happen so soon, few believed that the health of its employees was so important to the company. It turned out that it was important, and even very.

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Help in the fight against coronavirus

In addition to protecting its employees, Apple donated $ 15 million to fight the coronavirus and treat the sick. Now in contaminated countries there are not enough mechanical ventilation devices, so we hope that this step will help provide more assistance to the greater number of patients. Tim also thanked the operations team and Chinese partners for helping restore the supply of Apple products.

The most effective way to minimize the risks of spreading the virus is to reduce congestion and maximize social distance. In connection with the growing dynamics of the spread of infection, we take additional measures to protect our team of employees and customers.

It is worth making a comment regarding office workers. Tim Cook said that the company is transferring to remote work all the employees whose vacancies allow it. If we are talking about workers who need to be on the ground, they need to maximize interpersonal space. In addition, company offices will often and diligently clean premises to reduce the likelihood of a virus infection. But this is not all, all company offices are equipped with devices that will monitor the temperature. The company will also conduct regular medical examinations of field workers.

Tim summed up the famous phrase of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln:

Today is a day full of difficulties, but we must be on top. Since our cause is unprecedented, our thoughts must be unprecedented, our actions must be unprecedented.

Earlier, the company decided to cancel the March presentation, which was planned to introduce the iPhone 9, and on March 13 it became known that Apple will host WWDC 2020 in June this year in an online format. This will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

We are grateful to the Apple team and Tim Cook for decisive action in the fight against coronavirus, which has become a challenge for all of humanity.

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