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Apple has fixed! Already released five new versions of iOS. Why is that cool?

09.10.2019 0 Comments

Apple has fixed! Already released five new versions of iOS. Why is that cool?


Apple, what are you doing? Go on !.

In less than three weeks, Apple released as many as five iOS versions. Many users appreciated such efforts of the developers, but there were also those who criticized Apple for the initial release of "raw" firmware. Why is the frequent launch of new versions of iOS really great? Told in this material.


In two weeks, five new versions of iOS were released. Why is that cool?

It used to be worse

Let's go back two years ago. In September 2017, Apple released iOS 11, one of the worst iPhone firmwares in history. The first versions of iOS 11 were so buggy that many iPhone users really began to think about switching to Android. It got to the point that Apple had to apologize for such terrible firmware.

But the saddest thing was the company's slow reaction. Apple more or less normalized the firmware only by the beginning of 2018. Numerous minor updates fixed only part of the bugs, and users constantly found new problems and actively complained about them.

iOS 11 taught Apple a lot

Due to huge user dissatisfaction, Apple put together an unscheduled meeting of executives and developers. It was attended by Craig Federigi himself, senior vice president of software development for the company. At the meeting, Apple decided what to do next.

Then, a few months before the presentation of iOS 12, Apple decided to postpone key firmware updates until next year. In iOS 12, it was decided to focus on improving performance, which has sagged significantly over the past few years, and fixing bugs.

This decision was correct. The operating system iOS 12 turned out to be excellent – with a minimum of bugs and the highest performance, including on older devices, including the iPhone 5s.

In two weeks, five new versions of iOS were released. Why is that cool?

In iOS 13, Apple continued to optimize and work on bug fixes. In addition, the update introduced innovations, postponed until the launch of iOS 12. For example, we are talking about the long-awaited dark theme of the interface.

The main thing is that Apple seems to be taking a completely new approach to releasing updates. The company released five firmware in less than two weeks. Six, taking into account the beta version of iOS 13.2 – the second major update for iOS 13.

All firmware fixes bugs discovered by users in previous versions. Why didn’t Apple find them before? Beta testing of iOS 13 was carried out by thousands of company employees, developers and users, and millions of users switched to the final version of the firmware. Of course, the latter is easier to find flaws that could be missed during the main stage of testing.

Such a frequent release of new firmware is worth only rejoicing. Apple has never before released new versions of iOS so often. The company has never corrected even minor issues so quickly. Apple's new iOS development attitude is definitely better than ever.

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