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Apple has found a new way to improve Face ID

24.07.2020 0 Comments

Apple has found a new way to improve Face ID


And protect your iPhone from evil twins.

Apple has patented its improved Face ID facial recognition technology, which scans based on the structure of the veins. Journalists of the foreign edition AppleInsider drew attention to the development of the company.


The Apple patent describes technology that allows you to create a deeper 3D face map using Face ID. The map is built taking into account the projection of infrared points on the person's face and the definition of the venous structure of the face.

The scanned 3D face map helps protect iPhone from being unlocked by the owner's twin.

Face ID technology used in current iPhone models can be tricked by the user's twin. Apple publicly notifies iPhone buyers.

Earlier it became known that the iPhone 12 will not come with a charger. Apple will release a new 20W charging adapter but will sell it separately from new iPhone models.


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