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Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

14.07.2019 0 Comments


Today, as expected, as part of its event, Apple introduced a new service called the Apple Card. The product is a comprehensive financial tool that includes a virtual bank card, which is designed to improve the experience of using the Apple Pay payment service. Thanks to it, users will be able to avoid the shortcomings characteristic of the vast majority of bank cards currently on the market.

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card


According to Apple, the Apple Card will work in any country where Apple Pay operates. Thus, it is likely that not only residents of the United States, but also residents of other countries, including Russia, will be able to take advantage of its benefits.

How to get an Apple Card

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

To get a bank card within the Apple Card, you must submit an application through the Wallet app. Due to the fact that the card is virtual, the user does not have to visit bank branches for an interview, to provide any documents.

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

But the Apple Card is not only a bank card that can be obtained without leaving home. The Apple Card is a complete financial tool that will monitor your spending, analyzing them and forming a summary of the money spent, visited establishments and purchased goods. Having a clear statistics before his eyes, the Apple Card user will be able to learn how to more competently manage their finances.

Apple Card Benefits

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

In addition, Apple offers amazing terms of service on its card. In particular, customers are offered the following privileges:

Unlimited cashback card 2% (daily accrued) Free service Free issue No fees for international transactions No any hidden fees or commissions

Apple Card is based on visibility. It provides automatic detection of shops, catering establishments and other establishments in which you spend money. Thus, you will no longer see incomprehensible transactions in front of the shop “IP Ivanov”. Now, instead of this obscure notation, a real name will be applied, like the mister “Uslada”.

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

In order to make the Apple Card work all over the world, Apple will have to team up with local banks that will be issuing virtual cards. With respect to Russia, the first and possibly the only bank can be Sberbank. Although to whom does it matter if Apple dictates the terms anyway.

Apple has introduced a bank card Apple Card

For the same countries where Apple Pay does not officially work, Apple will issue a physical card, which will be made of titanium. She also will not have visible CVC codes and service life, and cashback on it will be 1% for all purchases. True, it is not entirely clear how Apple will deliver the card to its holders.


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