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Apple has reported on the identification of arrhythmias in 2 thousand Apple Watch owners

14.07.2019 0 Comments


The ability of Apple Watch to diagnose cardiac arrhythmia in the background has shown itself to be an extremely effective means of monitoring the state of the human body. This follows from a joint report by Apple and Stanford University, which organized the Apple Heart Study experiment to identify abnormalities in the work of the heart among more than 400 thousand participants. The study was the largest in the history of cardiology.


In this case, this is not about the regular ability of the watch to detect atrial fibrillation, which is typical only for the Apple Watch Series 4, but about the public diagnostic function. It consists in using the built-in heart rate monitor to monitor the user's heart rate throughout the day and, in case of detection of any irregularities in the muscle, warn about them, recommending to seek medical help.

Diagnosis of Arrhythmia on Apple Watch

To train Apple Watch to identify the signs of arrhythmia using only the heart rate monitor, Apple had to do a really big job. Its introduction was preceded by multiple studies of leading cardiologists from Stanford University, who regulated the course of the experiment, and also participated in the improvement of the algorithms that determined the correctness of the diagnosis made by the clock.

During the experiment, the clock helped to identify signs of heart arrhythmia to about 2 thousand participants who managed to consult a doctor in time. Interestingly, many of them did not even suspect that they had signs of such a disease. However, even if in some cases the watch made a mistake in diagnosing, provoking a false alarm, it is still better than to remain in ignorance and not take any action to recover.

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