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Apple has warned of a possible shortage of accessories and spare iPhone for exchange due to coronavirus

06.03.2020 0 Comments

Apple has warned of a possible shortage of accessories and spare iPhone for exchange due to coronavirus


About two weeks ago, Apple warned of disruptions in iPhone shipments due to the forced suspension of manufacturing partner factories in China due to coronavirus quarantine. But, it seems, the situation will not be limited by the deficit of new models – repair problems with a high degree of probability also cannot be avoided.

Apple has already informed technical support staff about a reduction in the stock of new iPhones designed for warranty exchange. About this Bloomberg anonymously told several employees of Apple stores. Actually, according to Bloomberg, Apple will already lack some versions of the iPhone 11 smartphones and iPad Pro tablets.


Thus, in the future, when contacting the service for a warranty replacement for an improperly repaired iPhone, problems may arise. Reportedly, stocks of such exchanged iPhones will be limited over the next two to four weeks. It is also said that some Apple stores lack some individual parts. That is, minor repairs, which are usually carried out directly in the store, will also be impossible. In other words, now it’s better for iPhone owners to be as cautious as possible and not to drop their devices so as not to be in a situation where you can neither repair it nor buy a new device.

Apple’s internal instructions state that stores have the right to mail new iPhones to customers as soon as they become available, or lease other iPhone models until a replacement is available.

Bloomberg notes that Apple has reopened most of the Apple Store in China, which had previously been closed due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. This may be a sign that other parts of Apple’s business will soon recover as well and begin to function normally. According to Apple, the deficit will last up to four weeks and, probably, the company is already working to replenish stocks of components and spare iPhone for exchange as soon as possible.

Source: Bloomberg

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