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Apple intends to equip future iPhone with 5G antennas of its own design

18.02.2020 0 Comments

Apple intends to equip future iPhone with 5G antennas of its own design


Numerous rumors claim that this year Apple will present its first smartphones with support for fifth-generation cellular networks based on the Snapdragon X55 modem. However, the new Fast Company data indicates that Apple intends to use its own antenna module instead of the existing Qualcomm solution. This is due to the desire to limit dependence on the semiconductor giant.

The source claims that the problem is the size of the Qualcomm QTM525 5G antenna (mmWave), which is supposedly too thick for the sleek body of the following iPhone models. Therefore, Apple is developing its own antenna module that matches the intended design of smartphones. However, a final decision has not yet been made, the company is now considering both design options.


Developing Apple’s own 5G antenna makes sense, given that dependence on Qualcomm is only a matter of time. Last year, Apple settled a lengthy lawsuit with Qualcomm, and its former Intel partner was unable to provide 5G modems in the required time. However, according to the source, Apple is approaching the resumption of relations with Qualcomm with great caution, fearing new claims.

Source: The Verge


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