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Apple Launches Apple Music for Business Service for Legally Broadcasting Music in Retail Stores

22.11.2019 0 Comments

Apple Launches Apple Music for Business Service for Legally Broadcasting Music in Retail Stores


Apple Music service is now collaborating with the business sector, which allows you to start playing music in retail chains. The partner for Apple Music for Business is PlayNetwork.

Third-party companies can now subscribe to Apple Music for Business plans and get licensed music to play at their retail outlets. Apple provides curated playlists and even tailor-made recommendations that match the store’s individual brand. Companies will be able to control the playback of music using the special application for iPhone or iPad. The program was in the status of a pilot project for some time, and now it has been expanded to a larger number by the store.


Consumer licensing terms for large streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify do not include the ability to play music in commercial locations. Commercial licenses are significantly more expensive and require companies to enter into agreements with special providers for broadcasting legal music in stores. But Spotify and Apple have added special offers to their retail services for their music services.

For example, Harrods department store started using Apple Music for Business a few weeks ago. The agreement implies that Apple creates custom playlists to suit the culture of the store. In turn, Harrods will display Apple Music ads in the store. And if one of the store visitors after watching such an advertisement registers a trial test period for access to the service, then Harrods will receive an affiliate commission for this.

Source: 9to5mac


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