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Apple may acquire the entire modem business of Intel

30.07.2019 0 Comments

Apple may acquire the entire modem business of Intel


The amount of the transaction will be about $ 1 billion.

Apple's leadership is currently in talks with Intel about acquiring their modem business, Reuters writes, citing Wall Street Journal journalists. Those, in turn, received information from their informed sources. The amount of the transaction, if any, will amount to or even exceed $ 1 billion. To solve all the questions, both giants are due next week.

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We remind you that Intel in April reported about the imminent exit from the business of manufacturing 5G modems. A statement about this was made right after it became known that the conflict between the two US companies Apple and Qualcomm, (the latter is the key supplier of modems for the iPhone), has been exhausted. At the same time, the Wall Street Journal journalists announced the search by Intel's leadership of buyers for their modem business.

Apple refused to give official comments on the deal, while at Intel they chose to keep silent.

Source: Reuters

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