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Apple may force iPhone with replaceable batteries

02.03.2020 0 Comments

Apple may force iPhone with replaceable batteries


An interesting initiative.

The European Union wants to oblige smartphone manufacturers to equip devices with replaceable batteries. According to the leak of documents, European officials are discussing this initiative and preparing it for discussion in the European Parliament.


Apple may force iPhone with replaceable batteries

According to the Dutch edition of Het Financieele Dagblad, the new proposal will be officially unveiled in March. According to the preliminary version of the project, European authorities want to oblige all manufacturers, including Apple, to equip smartphones with replaceable batteries. The document notes that consumers should be able to independently replace the battery in their smartphone.

All iPhone models have a non-removable battery. Apple has repeatedly emphasized that it is preferable that smartphone owners turn to specialists to replace the batteries in order to avoid problems. Most Android smartphones of the past few years are also equipped with non-removable batteries.

The adoption by the EU of new requirements will lead to the fact that smartphone manufacturers will have to radically change the design of devices. In particular, water resistance will suffer, and the thickness of smartphones may increase.

Source: TR.

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