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Apple Music with free internet traffic integrated into Porsche Taycan electric car

21.08.2019 0 Comments

Apple Music with free internet traffic integrated into Porsche Taycan electric car


German car maker Porsche has announced that the Porsche Taycan production car will receive full support for Apple Music, including three years of free internet traffic. Owners of an electric car with a subscription to this music service will be able to control the application on the touch screen of the car’s main infotainment system and listen to more than 50 million songs from the Apple library. According to Porsche, this is the first experience to fully integrate Apple Music into a car.

Through a partnership between Porsche and Apple, users will have access to a number of opportunities. So, the Porsche voice assistant will allow you to select songs, albums, playlists and radio stations in the Apple Music application. Any song that the driver hears on the radio, you can immediately add to your individual playlist in Apple Music. New and existing Porsche car owners can get up to 6 months of free Apple Music membership. Three years of free Internet traffic come complete with an external antenna and a roaming package. The system supports content with Apple Digital Masters using Burmester's surround sound system.


The Porsche Taycan electric car will also support Apple CarPlay, so that drivers can connect their iPhone to the car’s sound system and get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music through the Apple Music service by launching it on the infotainment system screen car or through a voice command assistant Siri, without being distracted from the road.

Recall that the Porsche Taycan electric car will be presented on September 4 of this year, and in Ukraine the first cars will appear in the first quarter of 2020. Four-wheel drive vehicle power will be 600 hp, and the capacity of a lithium-ion battery is 90 kW. Owners of Porsche Taycan electric cars will also be able to charge for free in Electrify America's charging network for three years.

Source: Porsche


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