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Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

14.07.2019 0 Comments


This week, Apple has posted in its online store something that could well be held until tomorrow's presentation. But these are not the only interesting events that happened in the Apple world this week.


1. It all started with the fact that the online store Apple suddenly closed unexpectedly. Everyone held their breath and began to wonder what they would show us this time. After some time, with his discovery, he divided millions of fans of the brand into those who supported the novelties and those who did not understand what all this was done for.

Two new tablets appeared on the site at once. The first of these was the updated third-generation iPad Air. At a price starting from 42,990 rubles, he logically took the gulf between a regular iPad and a very expensive iPad Pro.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

The novelty was not a separate device, but a continuation of the iPad Air, which was released many years ago. At this time, apparently, he was released in order not to keep in the model number two versions of the iPad Pro (11-inch and 10.5-inch). The novelty is equipped with all the most advanced iron, and the most significant difference from the flagship of the line is the design.

The second tablet, which went on sale this week, is an updated version of the more forgotten iPad Mini, which no one ever expected and only fans of this format believed in its update.

It would seem that it could have been equipped, as they say, by the residual principle, but like the Air, it received a top-end iron, which made it three times more productive than the previous generation.

The diagonal of the screen is still preserved at 7.9 inches, and the screen, as is the case with the iPad Air 3, supports the Apple Pencil.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

Now we have as many as 5 Apple tablets and everything with a different diagonal. from 7.9 for iPad to 12.7 for large iPad Pro. Also, they all now support the pencil.

2. Not enough Apple new tablets. The next day, after they threw on the site also new AirPods. Although, are they new? ..

Yes, they are called AirPods 2, equipped with the “Hi, Siri” function, and are charged wirelessly. The case, by the way, can be bought separately, but it costs six and a half thousand rubles, which is far from small.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

Buy headphones immediately will not work. In the official Apple store, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks. This is true for new headphones, and for old, and even for the case.

Apparently, it is worth waiting for serious changes until the third generation, which, according to rumors, will be released not earlier than next year. We have been waiting for the current update for two years.

Slightly less, we waited for Apple computers to update, but there were fewer changes. They can be attributed to the category of duty. We did not see new models.

3. It is no secret that folding devices are a new technological trend in the smartphone market. It’s too early to talk about their potential – it’s not known how the market will react. Nevertheless, designers already with might and main represent what a folding iPhone could be.

One of these projects was the iPhone Fold concept, which was presented by industrial designer Antonio De Rosa at the famous site Behance.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

When folded, the iPhone X Fold got a rather impressive display – by as much as 6.6 inches. In the opened format, the screen becomes even larger – 8.3 inches. True, the famous "excavation" remained in its place.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

The concept creator believes that the operating system will take full advantage of folding devices. For example, on the desktop is a place for widgets. And in operation mode, you can use your smartphone as a laptop. It looks interesting, although the issue of convenience remains open.

The designer is confident that the intended iPhone will receive a triple camera module with a design in the style of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. However, on the possibilities of the camera, the author of the project decided to keep silent.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

The designer even worked on the box of the future device – giving it a peculiar triangular shape. Looks pretty distinctive.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

4. There are a couple of rumors about the upcoming Apple presentation. According to them, the company intends to focus not on quantity, but on the quality of exclusive content that will appear on the company's brand site. Such data is shared by the Financial Times, citing informed sources from the industry.

Apparently, Apple Video (most likely the service will be called this way), first of all it will be different from Netflix.

But that’s the end of Apple Video. The interlocutors of the Financial Times are confident that Apple will not license third-party content, but will offer its users the opportunity to subscribe to access third-party platforms as part of a proprietary application. Thus, Apple Video will be an aggregator of sources like Apple News.

Apple News: The Strange Way of the Cupertins

The model, which provides for the aggregation of content, compares favorably with the licensing concept. Thus, Apple will be able to offer its users a wider range of television shows and broadcasts. In addition, this model will allow the company to do broadcast sports events, to obtain exclusive rights to which in modern realities is extremely difficult.

Eddie Cue hinted at the appearance on the Apple video pitch. According to him, in Cupertino, they attach great importance to such programs, but do not share the idea of ​​the need to organize exclusive broadcasts.

We remind you that our site will be a live broadcast of the spring presentation of Apple, which will begin on March 25 at 20:00 Moscow time. Join now.

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