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Apple postpones the release of its video service

13.07.2019 0 Comments


Despite the fact that the presentation of the new Apple video service will be held on March 25, which is almost beyond doubt, its full launch will take place closer to the fall. It is reported by the authoritative edition of Variety, citing sources familiar with the situation. At the spring event, the interlocutors of the publication state, the company will limit itself to a demonstration of a number of trailers and clips that will form the basis for larger-scale film works presented at its proprietary platform.

Apple postpones the release of its video service


“Our sources say that Apple’s video service will be launched in the summer or even in the fall, and not in April, as originally reported in the media,” says the Variety report. – Apple made a promise to its video production partners to promote the television shows themselves, and not just the site where they will be located. True, there is a possibility that stars like [Дженнифер] Aniston and [Риз] Witherspoon, who, according to rumors, will take part in the presentation, will not want to engage in the promotion of video service. ”

TV show aggregator

Despite the fact that Apple will produce exclusive series and TV shows for the company site, conceptually, the future service will not be like Netflix. According to rumors, the company initially planned to agree with Netflix and HBO on licensing a portion of the content in order to diversify the range, but could not come to a consensus with them on royalty payments. This is what led to the realization of the idea of ​​combining content produced by cable TV channels like CBS.

Apple Presentation March 25

As noted by the interlocutors of Variety, Apple is considering the possibility of launching a trailer for its own TV show as a “splash screen” for the March event. It will precede the appearance on the stage of the company's CEO Tim Cook. Similarly, Apple arrived at the autumn presentation last year, when it showed the teaser of AirPods 2. Only the most attentive viewers guessed that the headphones of the second generation appeared on the screen.

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