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Apple removes Plague Inc virus-related game from Chinese App Store at the request of authorities

29.02.2020 0 Comments

Apple removes Plague Inc virus-related game from Chinese App Store at the request of authorities


About a month ago, in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus, public interest in the game Plague Inc. sharply increased. She just talks about the spread of the deadly virus. As a result, this project has become China's highest-performing iOS game. Even though it was released a few years ago.

But this situation did not last long. The interest of users in the game has not faded. As often happens in China, local authorities intervened in the situation. On February 27, Apple removed the game Plague Inc. From its App Store in China at the request of local authorities. This was reported by game developers from the company Ndemic Creations. According to them, the game was deleted, as it allegedly contains "content that the Chinese cyberspace administration considered illegal." At the same time, the pandemic simulator was in the App Store for almost 8 years, and before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there were no complaints about it.


The company Ndemic Creations said they would make every possible effort necessary to return the game to the App Store. At the same time, developers have not yet directly linked the blocking and outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

“The game has been popular in China for many years. Plague Inc. – A sophisticated and smart simulation that encourages players to think and learn about real health issues.

It is unclear to us whether the removal is related to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus that China has encountered. However, Plague Inc. organizations such as the Central Concert Hall have repeatedly recognized, and now we are working with the world's largest organizations to understand how we can help in the fight against Covid-19, ”the Ndemic Creations statement said.

It should be noted that in the game itself the worst possible development of events is simulated with the spread of the virus – humanity could not develop a cure for the disease and completely died out.

Source: Ndemic Creations


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